Learn a new skill that will Transform Your Life.

A Hypnosis Certification can transform your financial life, your level of satisfaction, and you ability to help others in our Learn from Home format.

The Transformative Power of Hypnosis

Life is moving fast, and you are looking for a change, right?

Most people come here for one of four reasons:

> Looking for a new career

> Looking to supplement an existing career

> Looking for a fulfilling, purpose filled life

> Looking to transform their own lives

See a pattern? Everyone is looking. Searching and trying to find something that will make their life better, their heart lighter, their wallet fuller, their days brighter....


Are you still trading time for money at an hourly rate that doesn't give you the financial security you need?

Are sick and tired of the office politics, the demeaning atmosphere, and want a new way to work?

Are you searching for new solutions for your therapy practice, your massage therapy business, or other healing business that you'd like to add to?

Or are you simply looking for a way to give back to the world and support yourself while doing it?

Are you ready to transform your life?

We know how it is to feel stuck, like both feet in the mud squelching and squirming, but not making progress. Like waking up in the morning with bleary eyes and thinking "this again?".

We know how it is to seek that change. To want it, to reach for it, and to go looking for it. Which is undoubtedly where you are now.

Why you are on this webpage...

Why you are still reading...

Where is that one thing that can make a difference? What will truly mark the "before" and "after" on the calendar of life?

And what could come into your life with the power to not only make an impact in your day-to-day living, but also contribute to healing the traumas of the world?

What could make you feel like her?

What could make you feel like her?

The Miracle Combination of

Hypnosis as a Profession

You know from our name what we are about. And you probably figured out what we think is that life changing "thing" to come into your life. But here's the deal, we have good reason to believe that.

Hypnosis is awesome and life changing.

Hypnotism, once the basics are mastered, can open up worlds in ways we don't see anywhere else. This is a POWERFUL healing modality. So powerful that sometimes it is the only thing that works when everything else doesn't.

It is the one thing that helps you and your future clients to get out of their own way, where they literally cannot self-sabotage themselves because they've been healed beyond that on a subconscious level.

But it doesn't stop there. You can also be your own boss, charge a premium for your services ($100 per hour is common), and hypnosis works just as well over Zoom as in real life. (So you can work from anywhere.)

Change peoples lives, make good money, have your own business, and feel great about what you are doing.....

These are only a few of the many great benefits of becoming certified in Hypnosis.

Download our book below to get an inside scoop!

How Can Hypnosis

Transform your Life?

>Master 3 sophisticated Hypnosis Techniques that allow you to help clients break through subconscious barriers.

>Be your own boss and be in charge of your schedule.

>Have a lucrative skill to make $150/hr or more.

>Have a skill you can do from anywhere.

>Build a prosperous business.

>Have the resources you need for easy business setup and launch.

>Gain Confidence & attract clients with 2 Hypnosis Certifications.

Transformation Starts Here



1. National Hypnotist Guild Certification

2. Northwest Hypnosis Institute Professional Hypnosis Certification

Technology Included

Professional Website, Business Phone Number, and Domain Included.

Training + Technology + Support to give you everything you need to create a successful side business.

Business & Marketing Support

We help you on your journey to success with small business guidance, monthly masterminds, and ongoing marketing coaching.



Once certified, we still hold monthly hypnosis 'brush up' sessions to make sure we tackle any obstacles that might get in the way.

What else do you get?

A Master Teacher

Bruce Terrill has trained hundreds of students in the art of Hypnotherapy and is a passionate, dedicated, and truly masterful teacher. He will not only demonstrate the true power of hypnosis to transform lives, but he will also help you tap into a power within yourself to make you into a healing change maker.

Affordable Pricing

Whether you are comparing us to other Hypnosis Certification courses or to a two-year Masters Program for clinical therapy, we can offer you a new Career Path that is affordable. We love what we do and want to make it financially easy for people pursuing a hypnotherapy certification.

Interactive Training

Unlike some hypnotherapy trainings where you are forced to watch pre-recorded videos and take quizzes, our courses are live, and fully interactive with the trainer and the other students.

Learn From Anywhere

We have moved our Trainings to 100% online so you can learn from anywhere. Convenience, effectiveness, and full certification from home from a World Class Hypnosis Training Center.

Two Sessions Available

We offer two different types of certification courses to fit your schedule. You can get certified over 7 weekends, or in 14 weekdays.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don't feel the class is a right fit for you, you can cancel with 100% refund within the first two days. No questions asked, no risk to you.

Be a Force for Good in the World.

Course description

(We teach what we love)

Trance Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis, and Neuro Linguistic Programming all in one. We have a thorough, comprehensive course designed to take you from A-Z. No previous experience required.

This Course is Perfect For:

  • >People Looking to Make a 6 Figure Income

  • >Massage Therapists seeking to learn a touch-free, and remote healing modality

  • >People seeking to bring their gift of healing into the world

  • >Therapists looking for another tool

  • >Life coaches wanting a breakthrough technique to help their clients and differentiate them from other coaches

  • >Spiritual Seekers curious about Consciousness, the Mind, and transformation.

  • >Salespeople wanting powerful and enhanced communication techniques

  • >People interested in Neuro Linguistic Programming (You will be trained in NLP as well as the other powerful hypnosis techniques)

  • > Retirees looking for a fulfilling way to spend their time or an additional source of income

The course covers everything you need to graduate with a full National Guild of Hypnotists' Certification and the professional training, knowledge, hands-on experience, and skills you need to be a Certified Consulting Hypnotist or Certified Hypnotherapist.

All classes are live and held online. Classes are taught by Renowned Hypnotist Bruce Terrill (think Bruce Lee meets Tony Robins meets Yoda).

Classes are fun, energizing, and interactive. People love this course and the community we create online.

  • >There is no homework and test are open book.

  • >Make up training is available for missed classes.

  • >Libros disponibles en Español.

The course can be taken in two different formats, either a 3 week intensive or 7 consecutive weekends (see below for next course details).




'Work and Go Certification' Weekends Course

October 7th - November 19th, 2023
[Saturday & Sunday] 9am-5pm

No time taken off your day job while you learn your new profession. You will be trained and certified in just 7 consecutive weekends.

In less than 2 months you can start adding to your present income or begin building a practice to replace your

day job.


'Lightning Certification' Weekday Course

October 9th - October 26th, 2023

[Monday-Friday] 9am-5pm

We will have you trained, certified, and ready to accept clients in less than 3 weeks.

What Our Students Say

Bruce is amazing! He is the best kind of teacher– not only is he effective in teaching concepts and challenging ideas, but he also has the uncanny ability to inspire and empower students simply by being the person that he is. Thanks to Bruce, I became certified in hypnotherapy. But more importantly, I felt like I learned a lot about the nature of the human mind and how to experience lasting satisfaction and happiness in life. Life is all self-hypnosis, and Bruce helped us realize that we could be in the driver’s seat of life by putting into practice the art of hypnosis. For which, I feel immeasurable gratitude."

-Kieran McManus, Certified Hypnotherapist, Portland, OR

"Bruce’s hypnosis training class was truly life changing for me. Before class started I knew that I would be learning what I needed to know to become a confident and effective hypnotherapist. What I didn’t know was how profoundly the class and hypnosis would change me! I am more calm, centered, confident and open to accepting and inviting changes in my own life. I have been looking for a career in which I could help people and truly enjoy my work, and I have found it. Thank you to Bruce for his impressive hands-on training and for instilling in us the confidence to practice hypnosis. I am looking forward to taking more specialized classes with Bruce!"

-Jeanine Seger, Hypnotherapist, Gilbert, Arizona

"Bruce is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had. He teaches his class and meets with clients with the utmost respect and integrity, always acutely aware of and responding to each individual’s needs in every moment. He creates a fun and relaxing environment in class; a place where I always looked forward to going to no matter how stressed out my life was. His class went way above and beyond what I expected and what was required by NGH. I am forever grateful to Bruce for providing such a rich experience and fertile ground for personal growth and for learning the skills needed for a successful hypnotherapy practice. After taking his class, I feel confident with what I learned to be able to help people make incredible changes in their lives and to continue making changes in my own life as well. Thank you Bruce!"

-Rose Ludwig, RN, Portland, OR

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If after 2 days of taking the course you decide it is not for you, we will refund your money in FULL.

Think about it. You need to make an educated decision to do what is right for you. But how can you make an educated decision without poking your head into a class and seeing what we are all about? Try it for a day or two and then feel free to walk away if it is not right for you.

And keep the knowledge you learned.


And Certifications


National Guild of Hypnotists

Member and Approved Certification Institute


Oregon Hypnotherapy Association



International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists




Hypnosis is a tool unlike any other. However, this is not the magic show hypnosis you might have seen before. We teach three main types of Hypnosis: Conversational Hypnosis, Nuero-Linguistic Programming, and Trance Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a powerful healing technique that can cut through to the core of an issue. We are so impressed with the power of Hypnotherapy and the change it can bring to people's lives that we've started an institute to teach others how to do it. You will be Thrilled by what you learn and the depth in which it can help others change their lives.

FAQ image


Typically, professional hypnotists earn $150+ per hour for their services. Some hypnotists specialize in something like stress management, phobias, athletic training, or smoking cessation and charge $250 or more per session. The fee will ultimately be up to you and how you want to run your practice.


Absolutely. We teach you everything you need to know to become a Professional Hypnotist.

FAQ image


YES! We have many students who are therapists, coaches, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, and much more who have become certified in hypnosis in order to expand their toolkit and add an income stream to their business. For some, they are looking for a new skill to help their clients breakthrough where they are stuck. For others, they are looking for a healing art that they can do remotely. And some just want to keep learning and honing their abilities. All are welcome and we will be happy to have you bring your expertise to the course.


There are no previous education requirements to take the course. We will teach you everything you need to know from A-Z.

FAQ image


Yes. You can break the course tuition into one downpayment, and then monthly payments.

FAQ image


Nope. None. Zilch. Nada.

But we can't promise that you won't want to share what you are learning with everyone you know...


It is open book and you will be well prepared beforehand.

FAQ image


Scheduling conflicts? No worries.

You can either make it up with a correspond course, or you can make it up in the next course with no extra charge.

In special situations, you can do the corresponding amount of hours of hypnosis research and practice while still remaining within the needed hours for certification.

FAQ image


We cover many strategies in the course for how to get new clients.

FAQ image


Absolutely. We have two course formats, one which is designed for people who are working. This course takes place over 7 consecutive weekends. Without missing Monday through Friday, you can be certified in less than 2 months and start accepting hypnosis clients at that time.

The world needs healing.

We train the healers.

P.S. We love what we do and love working with students to change their lives. We have seen the power of what we teach and the power it holds to transform people's lives.

Give us a call or book a consultation so we can discuss how we can transform your life. (Links and Phone Number below.)

Heads Up!

Your next chapter will be your best chapter only if you take action!

Otherwise, you will just stay where you are. If you are happy, then that is a good move.

But if you are looking for change in your life, then you must go after that change.

We can teach you a skill that will change your life forever, give you a solid stream of additional income, and positively affect the lives of your future clients.

So don't wait! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Check out our guide below for more details.

Call Bruce

Bruce C. Terrill, CI, CH is a professionally trained and certified consulting hypnotist and instructor of hypnotism. With a lifetime of education and experience, Bruce has created a hypnotherapy practice and training institute that combines his knowledge and ability to help clients to make lasting changes in their lives. Bruce helps clients using conversational hypnosis, trance hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and also offers life coaching and business consulting.

His colorful past also includes decades as an internationally recognized

martial arts expert and teacher.

Bruce also enjoys helping others grow their businesses through strategic consulting.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Bruce directly! (503)773-5397.

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